Mike Connolly

Dragon Action Figure

Mike Connolly

Existencias : Agotado

Número del artículo : 1377

Referencia : DRF70338

Código EAN : 3666793332901

Tipo : Figuras completas

Nacionalidad : Estados Unidos

Época : 2ª Guerra Mundial

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1/6 "Mike Connolly" U.S. 29th Infantry Division (Omaha Beach 1944 D-Day) with Diorama base

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of D-Day, Dragon presents you one of the brave 29th Infantry soldiers who invaded Omaha beach where some of the most severe fighting took place.

This figure includes some EXCELLENT special features and many NEW accessories. Check out the list below;

Uniform : M1 Helmet w/Net - M1941 Field Jacket - Herringbone Twill Jacket (HBT, 2nd Pattern) - Herringbone Twill Trousers (HBT, 2nd Pattern) - GI Wool Shirt - M1938 Dismounted Leggings - GI Service Shoes

Equipments : Wirecutter w/Pouch - .30 cal M1 Ammunition Bandolier - M1923 Cartridge Belt - M1928 Haversack - M1942 First Aid Pouch - M5 Army Assault Gasmask Bag - Inflated M1926 US Navy Lifebelt - M1910 Canteen w/Cover - M1910 Entrenching Tool w/Carrier - Meat Can Pouch - M3 Scabbard - M3 Gas Mask - Mess Kit - Fork - Spoon - Knife

Weapons : M1905 Bayonet - M1 Garand Rifle in Black Waterproof Cover - MK II A1 Fragmentation Grenade - M1A1 Bangalore Torpedo Section (Metal) - M1 Garand Rifle -

Others : 29th Infantry Div. Patch - Gas Detection Brassard - NEO Body - Diorama Base with Anti-landing Tellermine 35 Special!!!

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