Private Williams without sand

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Private Williams without sand

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Número del artículo : 1230

Referencia : K80053B

Tipo : Figuras completas

Nacionalidad : Inglaterra

Época : Imperio

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Private Williams, 24th Regiment of Foot "South Wales Borderers", Rorke's Drift 1871


Sold without sand bags click on this link if you want Williams with sand bags

Weapons :
Martini-Henry Mark II rifle (Wood and metal) - Pattern 1876 Socket Bayonet w/Scabbard (metal)

Uniform : Pith helmet (Round peaked version) - 5 button scarlet serge frock, with General Service buttons - Dark blue, high backed trousers with a scarlet welt running down the outside of each leg - Army issue 'Greyback'shirt - Braces - Black lace up gaiters fastened by a buckle at the top - Boots

Equipment : 1871 Valise Equipment - Waist belt w/24th buckle - Ammo pouches (x2) - Ball bag - Brace straps - Bayonet frog - Haversack - Italian (Oliver) water bottle w/Buff leather carriage - Rifle sling (buff leather) - Zulu shield - Sandbags (x6)

Insignia : 24th épaulette numerals - Sphinx collar badges - 24th other ranks helmet plate

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